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Master Bond Program

The Master Bond Program provides insurance to B.C. credit unions against fidelity and other risks. Stabilization Central manages and administers this program in addition to early monitoring and intervention responsibilities. We strive to secure competitive premiums in excess insurance to provide reasonable coverage to B.C. credit unions. The Master Bond Program carries excess insurance of $60M/$120M in accordance with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) requirements for securitized portfolios.


1972 – The Master Bond Program was established and managed by Central 1 carrying excess coverage of $25 million/$50 million.

1989 – The Financial Institutions Act mandated mandatory participation in the Master Bond Program.

1991 – Administration of the Master Bond Program was transferred to Stabilization Central from the Credit Union Reserve Board.

2016 – Stabilization Central established a free portal to supply criminal record checks for all BC credit union employees and board members to expedite the fidelity bonding process.

2017 – Claims administration of the Master Bond Program transitioned from Central 1 to Stabilization Central.

2018 – Premiums were reduced on the program’s excess insurance by 19.5%.

2019 – The BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) made fidelity bonding of new B.C. credit union employees mandatory through Stabilization Central.

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