What is the purpose of the Workplace Ethics Hotline?

Confidential Reporting of Workplace Concerns

The Workplace Ethics Hotline, provided by ConfidenceLine™, allows credit union employees to confidentially report workplace concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the Internet at or Toll-Free Phone by calling 1-877-713-5107.

Is our credit union required to use the Workplace Ethics Hotline?
The Workplace Ethics Hotline is a voluntary program provided at no cost. We recognize that some credit unions may have implemented their own reporting hotlines and may decide not to take advantage of the program.

Our credit union has an “open door policy”, and we have never had a problem, so why should we use this program?

Reporting hotlines are widely considered to be an important tool in detecting fraud and preventing losses. They provide an anonymous confidential reporting option intended to complement an organization’s internal reporting procedure. Even in organizations that enjoy a positive work environment there may be times when an employee does not feel comfortable reporting a situation to a supervisor.

We have heard that these reporting hotlines are often used by employees to make frivolous complaints or to report activity that has nothing to do with fraud. Is this true?

While it is true that anonymity does provide the opportunity for employees to make frivolous or false reports, the reports made through the previous program indicate that this has not been a problem. It is important to remember that many significant employee dishonesty losses came to light through a report of behaviour that, at first glance, was not considered to be unethical or fraudulent.

How will reports made through the Workplace Ethics Hotline be handled?

When a credit union employee calls the toll-free reporting line or uses the e-Web tool, a report is generated. Stabilization Central receives an email advising that a new report has been received. The report will be reviewed and then provided to the designated credit union representative. Similar to a report that the credit union may receive through its internal reporting process, the credit union is responsible for addressing any issues identified in the report. If a report is filed about the designated credit union employee, processes are in place to ensure that an alternate person is contacted. Additional information on the program can be found online at

If you have questions about the program, please contact email

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